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The teachers at YSGA actually care if you understand things or not. If you don’t understand something, they are not just going to leave you there. They take the time to go over the information several times until you get it. I love this about my YSGA teachers.

Heather S.
8th Grade Student
All students K-8 are expected to wear the YSGA uniform at all times and to dress and groom themselves in such a way as to reflect neatness, cleanliness, and safety. YSGA scholars should dress appropriately as not to disrupt or interfere with the educational program or the orderly operation of the school. The CEO or Director of Discipline shall determine whether any particular use of the school uniform violates school uniform policy. 

Official Uniform for All Students

  • Gray polo shirt with embroidered school logo: long or short sleeve
  • Navy blue, black or khaki belted pants (no leggings/ jeggings, jeans or sweat joggers)
  • Navy blue embroidered school logo sweater (worn over uniform shirt)
  • Solid navy blue sweater or sweater vest (worn over uniform shirt)
  • Navy blue embroidered crewneck (Grades 6-8 only-worn over uniform shirt)
  • Black or brown belt with standard buckle
  • Solid black, navy blue or brown soled shoes
  • Solid black or white leather tennis shoes

Dress Down Day & P.E Day

Dress Down day is an opportunity for students to wear clothing other than their school uniform. Dress down days are announced and participation is optional. Students are still expected to dress appropriately. Dress down themed days may occur during spirit week or to commemorate special occasions.

Each class will have a scheduled P.E. class at least two days a week; students are permitted to dress down on that assigned day. A gym t-shirt is available for purchase to be worn on the designated gym days. Clothing worn should be appropriate and comfortable in order for the student to participate in P.E. class and activities.

Students are prohibited from wearing the following on Dress down and P.E days:

  • dresses, skirts or skorts
  • shorts
  • shirts that expose the mid-section; half-shirts
  • hoodies
  • tights
  • ripped jeans
  • sleeveless shirts or undershirts/beaters
  • body conforming clothing
  • open front or back blouses
  • extremely baggy clothes
  • pajama or lounge pants (unless themed dress down day)
  • swim/ athletic slides, Ugg/bedroom slippers, Crocs, clogs, flip-flops, sandals
  • open toe/heel shoes (flip flops, sandals, crocs, slippers)
  • scarves, bandanas, bonnets, flags, hats, sweatbands
  • suggestive, inappropriate or violent words, weapons, messages/pictures on clothing or hats

YSGA logo items can be purchased from the main office/front desk during the school year and during summer hours.