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Saturday Academy

Extended Day

Extended Day

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The Saturday Academy offers a comprehensive approach to reinforce, reteach, and extend learning for scholars in grades 3-8. The program begins with reinforcement of key concepts learned during the week, providing students with additional practice and support to solidify their understanding.

Saturday Academy provides a supportive and engaging environment where scholars can reinforce, reteach, and extend their learning while also enjoying recreational activities and educational experiences outside of the traditional school week. Saturday Academy takes place on Saturday mornings from 8:30 AM – 12 PM. Breakfast, lunch, and a snack will be provided.

Saturday Academy incorporates elements of fun and social interaction. Students have scheduled recess breaks to unwind and engage in physical activity, promoting overall well-being and socialization. Field trips are also organized to provide real-world learning experiences and expose students to new environments and cultures.

For those who need it, there are opportunities for reteaching of challenging topics to ensure mastery before moving forward. Additionally, students are presented with opportunities to extend their learning beyond the classroom curriculum, engaging in enrichment activities that delve deeper into subjects of interest or explore new topics altogether.

Educational games are integrated into the program to make learning enjoyable and interactive. These games not only reinforce academic skills but also encourage teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving.


From K-2nd grade, students are exposed to the Spanish and Turkish languages and cultures. Students are learning the alphabet, as well as keywords and phrases. The goal is to have students be able to repeat the words and phrases being learned.


From 3rd-5th grade, students are learning keywords and phrases. The goal is to have students be able to repeat the words and phrases, as well as recognize those words and phrases when listening to the teacher, a peer, or a multimedia presentation.


From 4th-8th grade, students have developed a bank of words and phrases in both Spanish and Turkish. Students will use these words and phrases to communicate. Students will be able to listen and respond both orally and in written form.