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STEAM Program

Saturday Academy

Saturday Academy

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YSGA believes our scholars learn best by making and doing. The best learning is hands-on and through real-world experiences. Our scholars will work together to build the skills and imagination needed to design, create, and make use of advanced technologies. The STEAM program invites all members of YSGA and the Greater Allegheny community to make and learn together.

We believe that community is the foundation of innovation. YSGA will provide open, accessible, equitable spaces for all students and community members to learn with and from each other. Our program values diversity , equity, and inclusivity and aspires to foster STEAM scholars who are also global citizens for the 21st century world. We challenge each other to create our best work. We celebrate each other's successes and showcase our creations.


Our commitment to our scholars is to offer a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) program that prepares and allows them to experience the world beyong the traditional classroom. YSGA will nurture our young scholars to value and appreciate the vital role that STEAM plays in their future.

Through high-quality STEAM instruction, YSGA will invest in the future of our scholars by inspiring, engaging, and empowering them in four essential skills of STEAM;
Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking

Inspire Creativity

We believe in the power of creative connections. When we synthesize the ideas from many disciplines, we can create well-designed solutions for our increasingly technological society. STEAM encourages innovation by shaping creative connections across the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.


We believe in growth through innovation. Our scholars are all capable of growth, and the STEAM program encourages innovative ideas, designing and redesigning, and facing challenges, with the purpose of achieving a goal. Our STEAM scholars and teachers think creatively and critically to solve problems. We create multiple possible solutions and prototype and iterate many times before arriving at final solutions.

Critical Thinking

We believe in safety with tools, but risk-taking with creativity. We use tools responsibly, and we allow ourselves to dream up wild, creative solutions. We celebrate both our successes and failures when taking bold risks.