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My older two girls entered Young Scholars in the 3rd and 4th grades. They later became the first and second graduating class of Young Scholars of Allegheny. I currently have two other children in Young Scholars who are straight-A students. Young Scholars offer a well-rounded opportunity for learning. The staff is very caring, loving, helpful, and nurturing.

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Thank you for taking the time to explore Young Scholars of Greater Allegheny Charter School. I want to congratulate you on taking the first step in discovering the exciting opportunities that exist at YSGA which will encourage and motivate your child to achieve social, emotional, and academic success.
Are charter schools public schools?
Yes. Charter schools are independently operated public schools. Charter schools provide ahigh-quality option to public school students, upholding standards that meet and often exceed district and state metrics.
Who can enroll at Young Scholars?
Any student from any district in Pennsylvania is permitted to enroll in our school.
Are the teachers at Young Scholars certified?
Yes. We are required to abide by the teacher certification laws of the PA Department of Education that apply to charter schools. Our teachers are considered state public school employees.
Is transportation provided to Young Scholars?
Yes. Transportation is provided to students whose school district boundary line lies within 10 miles of our district’s boundary line. For information on whether an address is within 10 miles, please contact our main office.
What makes Young Scholars different from other schools?
Young Scholars’ unique multicultural learning environment develops citizens of the world. We strive to build and reinforce our students’ sense of personal identity and a larger cultural awareness. We also work hard to stimulate their curiosity and sense of inquiry so they become life-long learners.

To accomplish these goals, Young Scholars teaches two globally significant foreign languages beginning in kindergarten: Spanish and Turkish. We engage learners of all abilities in STEAM and digital-media programming. Finally, we give our students personalized attention through technology-assisted curriculum and research-based instructional practices.
Why is learning other languages important for a young child?
Teaching languages to young children is motivated by two primary factors. Firstly, their innate aptitude for language learning enables them to attain proficiency more rapidly. Secondly, in our progressively globalized world, fostering intercultural competence is crucial. Nurturing children's curiosity about diverse people and cultures while they are open and receptive is imperative.
What types of extracurricular activities do Young Scholars offer?
Young Scholars hosts an after-school Extended Day Program throughout the school year. Extended Day is available to our entire student population and is offered at no cost. It offers a multitude of clubs as well as additional academic support via tutoring.
How do I enroll my child in Young Scholars?
Open enrollment for non-YSGA students begins July 1st and ends on February 23, 2025 and on a rolling basis as well. Vacant seats for the following school year are filled during open enrollment. Rolling applications are processed if and when seats become available throughout the year. Visit our Admissions Procedures page to learn more about the enrollment process or complete an online application at any time.